Reaching out to Young People

Who are we?

IMPACT DERBY formerly known as Derby City Gangs Advisory Group was founded in 2008. We work pro-actively to tackle Gang Culture, Youth Violence, Anti-social behaviour, Criminal Activity, Sexual Exploitation and other surrounding issues within the City of Derby.

We are a Grass Roots organisation that works Citywide; we believe that we are different from other organisations as we are “grass roots”. This means proactively working on real everyday community issues within and around Derby. Like the saying goes “It takes a whole village to raise a child”, therefore if you’re not part of the solution you’re adding to the problem.

We Aim to:

  •  Raise awareness about the effects of gang culture and youth violence both directly and indirectly (not only to those who are involved but to the community as a whole), highlighting the complexities of the issue and the varying levels of involvement.
  •  Challenge misconceptions and stereotypes surrounding the ‘types’ of people who join gangs and there reasons for doing so as well as the way gang culture manifests.
  •  Provide support to young people involved in gang related issues
  •  Provide support to young people who are deemed to be at a high risk of becoming involved in gangs with our focus on future goals and aspirations, we are able to provide an exit strategy and pathways out,
  •  Helping young people stay in school helping, preventing exclusions supporting them to understand the importance of education so they become a constructive members of today’s society.


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